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Tiny House (modular)


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Why did I build this house?

I built this house as I am inspired by the tiny house movement.

What is the tiny house movement?

Tiny house living is the concept of living small and concentrating on the important things in life rather than material possesions and having a small carbon footprint.
They are self-sufficient when possible and rely on natural resources where they can.
Many tiny houses are built on wheels but mine is not as I have embraced the idea of living small but would like to remain in a fixed place.
They utilise space by building sleeping lofts with room for a bed and not much else.

What is in my tiny home?

My tiny house includes...
  • A sleeping loft with a king-sized bed
  • A bathroom
  • A kitchen
  • A small living room (including a set of drawers)
  • Solar-panels
  • Big glass windows and door that open wide to let the outside in
  • A front garden consisting of a tree, a recycling bin, a bunch of flowers and a mailbox.
In one of the pictures of the front garden there are two chairs and a table which on a rainy day can be moved into the living room area.
Would it be a great LEGO set?

I am convinced this would be a great LEGO set as it is small and affordable and would fit right into any LEGO city!!!

Thank's for your support!

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