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Surprise Gift Box


100 supporters! Thank you all!

I really appreciate all the support and the feedback you gave me.

I know, using minidolls and no brand, non intellectual property, is unpopular but this Gift Box was originally intended for my daughter. It was something we did together, a play for her and an exciting challenge for me. 
She plays a lot with, she likes the closed form that makes it a good role play as a real gift package, then she likes  to transform it, to open the bar and playing with minidolls.

Many people wrote me about this, perhaps next time I could create a bigger package, with Minifigures, with an amazing brand... who knows.

As you can see I'm not a LEGO Digital Designer, I like this beautiful projects, so glossy but this is not my thing.

Building something has to be tactile ad physical for me, I have to see how the bricks interacts, if the model is stable and solid, if it's playable, too small, too big. The Gift box is very small, for children hands.

So I apologize if some pieces ar not as perfect as they could be as new, because they're not, some have been around for more than 40 years, they can be a bit yellowed o scratchy, they deserve it!

opening and closing has been improved several times to be what you see.

soon I'll load a movie so you can see how it works.

Again thank to you support, If you have suggestions don't hesitate, they are precious to me!

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