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Surprise Gift Box


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A Playable Gift Box with a tasty Surprise!

A tiny box you can carry or fit everywhere with an entire playset to play with.

Inside a Smoothie Bar full of details.

I Liked the idea to make a transformable set for my daughter, a nice object on the shelf that can become a full playset to play a long time with.

It takes a long time to refine the opening, the goal was to be very compact when in Gift Mode and as large as possible in Smoothie Bar Mode.

The very first draft was in Blue and White, it seemed a good idea but I soon realized it looks like as a LEGO City set, so I tried the actual Red and White.

To fit at best at  LEGO Friends set livery I'd like to try with violet or lilac plates and bricks, unavailable to me at this moment.

The Bar is one of the endless possibilities offered by the concept of Gift Box Surprise, it could be a Gym with Cyclette and fitness equipment, a Theatre Stage with dressing room or a laboratory or...

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