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A + Barber Shop


Hello everyone who loves to build and play with Lego's. This is Treetop 2017! I am excited to tell you about my new idea called A+ Barber Shop, this idea comes with 411 lego bricks and pieces. Here is a brief list of what is inside the barber shop. One barber cutter, one shop employee, a employee side door, two red doors and frames, a mailbox, two letters on the mailbox. a employee counter, shampoo counter and conditioner with counter, hair dryer table, hair combs table, barber shop mirror,two barber chairs with two leg stools, barber shop apron, red and white,barber flag pole, A+ Sign, Barber shop table with hair dryer and comb,  two gold gift cards, a pink credit, a blue credit.

I built this set because Lego does not make any and it would be cool to have for any set and would be hours of fun for everyone and is suitable for all ages.

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