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Lego Thunderbirds are Go: The Hood vs The Mechanic

The Hood and his henchmen are out causing chaos, but the Mechanic, the Hood's former accomplice stands in their way with his fleet of Mechas to fight the Hood so he can be free from his mind control. Who's side are you on in the fight to the death?
Minifigures include
  • The Hood
  • The Mechanic
  • The Hood's henchmen 2x
  • 2 buildable Air Mechas
  • 2 buildable Scorpion Mechas
Features include
  • Catapult for the Mechanic's Mechas
  • Removable roof on the Hood's ship which shows the bridge, the weapons rack and the hood's office with rotating stud shooters and flick fire missiles.
  • Magna Prime comes with opening roof, rotating thrusters and stud shooters.

Reasons I made this set
  • I mostly saw the Thunderbird vehicles on Lego Ideas along with Fireflash and Zero X and the Hood and Mechanic's ships haven't been made in Lego before so it seemed like a good idea.
  • Bonus note: If you guys don't know about Magna Prime, it is a small shuttle the Mechanic mostly uses as a control hub on his much larger vehicles.
I built this set on Lego Digital Designer and I used the Paint app on the computer for the minifigures' torso designs in their respective details.

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