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Lava City (A Steampunk/Medieval City

Lava City is a collection of buildings built on small rock plateaus that rise above the lava. This city was founded on a planet covered in rock and lava, and was built by a combination of new and old technology.
This build started entirely by accident. I was working on another project, and I got bored and started randomly connecting pieces. It grew into LEGO “doodle.” I make these frequently, as you can see in some of my previous contest entries. They are basically when I get a bunch of bricks in one or two colors and just start connecting them all into a big jumble. This resulted in the Scientists Lab part of this build. I also had the castle that I had built earlier, and the idea grew from there, with a big bridge, and branching smaller bridges to other plateaus of rock above the lava. One I had made 2 or 3, my younger brothers saw it and wanted to help, so I let them build some additions as well, which I modified them when I decided to submit this to LEGO IDEAS.
Favorite Parts
My favorite part of this creation was the factory, with all its tubes and smokestacks, and the tower on its bridge. I also really like how the boat at the dock turned out, simply using a snowshoe, 1x1 plate, and a 1x1 slope.
The biggest Challenge was simply finding enough pieces. This build used just about every orange plate in our house, and some of the orange bases aren’t quite how I wanted them.
What Everything Is
Since text cannot be added to the images above, here is a diagram labeling all the parts of the city:
Castle- This is an older part of the city, with some steampunk upgrades, and sits at the end of the connection bridge.
Secondary Palace- Close to the Castle, this serves as extra space for the royal family, and is frequently used for meetings.
Factory- A major steampunk element of the city, this produces all the necessary things for the town, which are sold in the store.
Scientist’s Lab- This is the residence and workshop of the scientists and engineers who designed the town and they are constantly creating new kooky inventions, making their lab a messy jumble of pieces.
Housing and Belltower- This is where some of the citizens live and where the belltower is to tell what time it is.
Store- Where the products from the factory are sold.
Lighthouse and Dock- This warns lava sailors of the town and is a place where they can stop, restock, and rest.
Observatory- Where scientists and astronomers can go to study the planets 3 moons and many stars.
Solitude- An isolated building connected by a long bridge where people can go to find some peace and quiet.
Volcano- One of many in the area, that produces the lava and helps power much of the town’s technology.

Other Notes
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