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Mech Defender Units


New pictures

Hey everyone, i have more pics to show of my mechs

I wanted to show a side view of both mechs together.


Here is a cool action pose for the red mech:

I want to keep adding new pics of my designs every so often, I will add more blue mech next. 

I hope everyone enjoys the idea. 

Thanks, TheHAWK1209


New Head Design (Red)

I created a new head design for my red mech, i wanted a more smooth shape to the head, so I removed the antennae, which i decided were unnecessary. I added panels to the sides to give it a better look. 

Here is the new head design:

I hope everyone likes the new design, please don't forget to support and share.

Thanks, TheHAWK1209


New Design/Alternate Backpack

Hey everyone I just completed my first alternate backpack build, this is the climb pack.

The climb pack is a grappling system, it uses a hook, string and winch piece, it will actually work on the model as well. The string is threaded through the barrel of the grappel blaster, and is attached to the winch on the back. There are two built into the pack. The string will actually support the mechs weight.

I was not sure how to show this in the LDD.

I also redesigned the legs a bit, and the hips to give a more clean look.

Here is the new design with alternate backpack:

I included the pilots in the images to show how large the mechs are when compared to the mini-figures

I hope everyone enjoys my idea, please support and share

Keep on having fun everyone

Thanks, TheHAWK1209



Other Mech design changes

I posted a look at the red mech design update, and now here is the new blue mech design:

I am very happy with the design so far. It has a lot of articulation points giving lots of potential to poses for display, and of course adds to the fun you can have with the figure. 

I am going to try to keep updating the idea to make it better and better.

Thanks for checking out my idea, please support, share, and have fun



Design Changes/Improvements

Hey everyone, i have worked on some improvements for my idea

I felt that the color scheme of the mechs was too bland and the solid colors didn't work well enough, so I added some light gray to the legs and arms. I also added some light blue translucent pieces to the legs and arms to give a little special look to the idea

I also added a waist rotation piece, further increasing possible pose variations.

Here is a look at the new design:

I hope you like my idea, please don't forget to support, share, and keep on building

Thanks, TheHAWK1209



i just wanted to specify certain details on this idea I forgot in the main description

  • This idea is about 1250 pieces, that includes both mechs
  • Each mech stands at 11 1/4 inches tall

I think that is everything I forgot to show before

Thanks for checking out my idea, please support, share, and have fun


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