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Mech Defender Units


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I present to you my newest idea, the Mech Defender Units. These twin machines are custom designs i created over the past few weeks. I used various other mech designs for inspiration, but mostly constructed them from my own imagination.

The reason they are called Defender Units is because they are not used as weapons, they only exist to protect. The two units differ slightly in design, the red mech is a warrior, and features dual swords, and 2 short blades attached to the legs. The blue mech is a protector, and features a rail cannon rifle.

Both units possess escape boosters, which allows for space flight. These packs are removable, and i will create more possible backpack/weapon designs for both mechs 

I wanted to keep the designs as accurate to human physique as possible, and gave each mech a variety of hinges to give them better articulation, while being sturdy enough to stand properly. 


  • Highly articulated design, with ratcheted knees, hips, elbows and shoulders
  • Ball joints on ankles, wrists and heads
  • Both mechs are around 620 pieces
  • Opening cockpit section with pilot

 Both mechs were constructed in the LDD, and all 3D images created using BlueRender

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I hope everyone enjoys my latest idea, please support, share with everybody, and keep on building



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