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The Wooden Duck


~ Working Model ~

I actually managed to get it to work like the toy! :D


Other things that were changed are as follows

  • New Eye/eye stripe stickers
  • Base shape was changed a little
  • String added to the front and tow hook added to the back so you can pull multipuls at once


~ Day Early Birthday Update ~

First off, I once again want to say Thank You for supporting, following, and commenting on the project. Only 17 more to go before reaching the first mark of 100 supporters! :) It would make a great birthday gift to see this project reach that mark by tomorrow. So please, if at all possible, spread the project around so more people have a chance to see it.

Now on to the changes, which are as follows:

  • Custom eye stickers to look more like original wooden model
  • Inner head rebulit so that the head and top of beak open rather than the bottom to be more similar to the original. This will hopefully allow me to make it open/close when rolled, but I can't promise that will happen.
  • Brick built the wheeled base and added the back of the duck

So those are the changes for right now. I have ordered most of the right colors for the duck itself, so the colors will be more accurate next update. The minifig is just there fore scale.


~ Brick Built Prototype ~

~ I have finished a brick built prototype of the duck minus the last back piece , which in the ldd file is one big slope piece I do not own. Most of the colors are wrong as well due to me not having the right colors or parts not existing in the right colors, but I am happy how it turned out. :) More than likely there will be more tweeks made.

~ Thank You to everyone who has supported, followed and commented on the project so far! I was not expecting to get almost half way to the 100 supporters mark in the first day.

~ Please be sure to share and spread the project around to gather support and have a chance of this becoming a real set!