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Mercedes-Amg W11 (Formula 1)

I am delighted to present my improved recreation of the Mercedes-AMG W11 from the 2020 Formula 1 season. 

  1. Piloted by Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas, and George Russell, the W11 dominated the 2020 season and took home 13 race wins and 25 podiums. 
  2. Prompted by Lewis Hamilton, the W11 featured a black livery, instead of its traditional silver livery.
  3. The Mercedes W11 could be regarded as one of the fastest F1 cars to ever grace a Formula One World Championship season.

  1. As a fan of LEGO and F1, I have always wanted a LEGO variant of a F1 car from the turbo hybrid era, hence I embarked on this project.
  2. The reason why I chose the Mercedes W11 for this project was because of its simple, but yet striking livery.
  3. Furthermore, with the growing popularity of F1 in the recent years, a LEGO version of a modern F1 car would be a great retail potential, and it will also be loved by many F1 fans like me. 

  1. This model features 2,310 elements.
  2. This model utilizes many stickers to recreate the livery.
  3. The model features a functioning Drag Reduction System (DRS) located on the rear wing of the car.
  4. It also features a cockpit which includes the steering wheel and the driver’s seat. The Halo, the ring above the cockpit, can also be move out of the way to access the cockpit easily. 
  5. The front wheels of this model cannot be steered due to the lack of space within the model. This is because the support structure for the front wing takes up most of the space between the front wing and the cockpit.
  6. I used many reference materials during this project, and although the model may not be a 100% recreation of the W11, I believe the model is successful in conveying the idea of what the W11, and a modern day F1 car, looks like.  

Width: 39 studs  
Length: 88 studs 
Height: 34 studs 

Thank you.

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