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Vikings on Nyhavn


Vikings in Denmark? They have made their presence known here on Nyhvan (New Harbor), Copenhagen, Denmark. Along this 17th-century waterfront, canal and entertainment district, the Vikings here enjoy their shore leave by relaxing and eating turkey legs and fish (while always having their weapons at the ready). They also have a chance to count their treasure in the bags, trunks and barrels before their next embarkment. The oldest home on Nyhavn was built in 1681. This lego set displays a sample of these nostalgic, brightly colored 17th and 18th entry townhouses, cafes and restaurants. Hans Christian Andersen was a resident here for 18 years. In this set, we have a bakery, storehouse, dining hall, treasure room, gold merchant, and turkey leg repository. The canal harbors many historical wooden ships; in this case… Viking ships! One special feature in this lego set is a “Romeo & Juliet” scene: a Viking marriage proposal with a ring.

This lego set is a great play set for kids as it has 21 Viking minifigs, treasure pieces, gold, and 2 viking boats. It contains 2888 pieces. This set will likely convert Lego enthusiasts into becoming Lego Viking fans.

If you like Viking-themed Lego this set is for you!

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