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King Kong vs Vastatosaurus Rex!

This diorama is based on King Kong 2005. It's the moment when Kong saves Ann from big and hungry Vastatosaurus rex. I try to build a more muscular Kong and a more accurate V-Rex. They are looking at each other and preparing to battle.

This movie is a remake created by Peter Jackson. Story: where brave Ann Darrow survive in Skull Island - island with many creepy, dangerous animals that make you run for your life. And she meets Megaprimatus Kong. There was love feelings between them both and Kong decides to protect the little human female from other creatures. Kong 2005 remake is my favorite version of Megaprimatus. That's why I built this set.

King Kong's size: height 7.6 meters, weight 8-12 tons.

Vastatosaurus rex: length 15.2 meters, height 6.2-6.9 meters, weight 19.4 t.

Who will win?

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