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Country Farm Freight


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Hope on board and lets take a journey out to the country side, where the plains are wide open and fresh air blows over you like a gentle whisper. Deliver the cargo to the farmer so he can tend to his crops and tour the land in the process. Flowing with detail, this set will help inspire the train fan in you. The set is a perfect introductory train along with just being a cool item to play with. With-in the set you will find a GP-9 locomotive, a flat bed with tractor load, a tank car, an old style caboose, a semaphore, and a small station/platform for the train to stop at. Also included are 3 mini-figures and  track. The locomotive is equipped with power functions to put you right in the engineers seat. Adventure is out there and it is up to your to take the first step! "All aboard"

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