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Little Italy


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Little Italy 


Welcome to Little Italy 


My name is Brickmax, and I am the creator of this LEGO set idea.


This set idea, reflects the atmosphere and charm of a small Italian village with its narrow streets and red-brown roofs. On every street corner there is something going on and there are small details all over the place.

At the beginning of the street there is a small coffee shop where you can order a nice hot cappuccino and enjoy it under the open sky. In the house next to it there is a typical italian wine shop with a wine cellar and store. The last house is a small family house with kitchen and bedroom where the lady is preparing fresh Italian pasta.

The main feature of the idea is that you can bend the road in the middle to get a small gas. With this function the set idee gets the typical Italian atmosphere, so you can build a small piece of italy at home.

The set idea consists of 2762 parts, with 8 minifigures.


I hope you like my set idea and would be very grateful for your support.

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