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Starseeker Squad Bay

This Starseeker Space Station Squad Bay includes the living quarters for Annie; the Quad Bay dining area for her 4 Quad mates; and look out over a busy Launch Bay. It comes with a Mini Shuttle and Transtube to carry crewmen to other deck levels. Minifigures are carried on an independent flying platform that is lifted with a handle. One of the station's holo-screens is projected from the handrail.

Featured Minifigures - Annie the pilot and her Quad mates, Melody the communications hacker, Tris, and Celia. E-Chip, is Annie's flying droid companion and protector, and Tipper, is her bird friend from the agriculture dome on the space station.

The two interior doors slide open and closed and a food re-sequencer is featured in the dining area.
One way curved wall windows can pretend to go dark for privacy or colored panels can be found.
The TransTube is tall enough to reach the higher catwalk over the Launch Bay entry.

Happy Brick'n to you all in bringing your dream adventures to life! :-)

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