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Pharaoh Tutankhamun's Tomb

History, Treasure, Curses!?! Howard Carter and his team made history when they discovered the most intact Egyptian tomb ever found. After completing the Pyramid of Giza Lego set and seeing the tunnels through the pyramid, I was inspired to make a larger scale Egyptian tomb set. I made this set as a tribute to history and the love of treasure hunting. I tried to stick to a Minifig to human scale. The build consists of six sections. The entrance stairway, the passage, Antechamber, Annex, Burial Chamber, and the Treasury Chamber. All sections are modular for easy assembly, display. The shrine, sarcophagus and coffin are nested (in reality there are 4 shrines, 1 sarcophagus, and 3 coffins). I tried to match the essence of the imagery for the hieroglyphics while working at this scale. I added treasures that would make this look like and feel Howard's original photos. 

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