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Adventurers of the Forbidden Palace


Join new adventures and celebrate one of the best lego theme ever created with our project : Adventures of the forbidden Palace.

Both afol we created a project inspired by the set 7418 the Scorpion Palace, So we built our own lego Adventurers set with this elegant Palace. We added lot of features and playability, you will find in this project tons of traps which heroes have to avoid like a big rock, a mine, a secret entrance and lot of others traps again. We included also lot of references to Indiana Jones movies.

So let’s talk about the Story now !

Lost in the middle of thick forest Jeany Storm and Archibald Mc Clumsy discover a strange Palace apparently abandoned. They decide to approach the palace without knowing adventures they will live !

The global project contain arround 2900 parts and 6 minifigures : Jeany Storm, Archibald Mc Clumsy, Baron von baron, Maharadja of the éléphant Palace and two guardians of the Idole.

We hope that you will fine lot of fun to solve the quest and recover the Idole.  

Castor Troy and Disneybrick55

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