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The Pirate Bay


8000 to 10000 Pirates!!

Thanks again for trust in the project, really appreciated. ;) let´s go to the next level!


Working hand in hand ;)



Hello, it has been 21 days since The Pirate Bay made its appearance in LEGO Ideas and since then the confidence in the project is gigantic. It seems that the mast supports the new sails ... the speed is shocking. Thanks to all for trusting this design.



Thank you very very much!!

Thanks, gracias, merci, tak, danke, xièxiè, kiitos, dank je, grazie... 5000  Super supporters in 15 days!

The pirates of the bay are hallucinating because they did not know that there was so much pirate to support them in their 30th anniversary. It has been an incredible surprise for all of them, and from now on their destiny will be to sail the seas again, just wait for the last wave of comrades, come with me pirates !!! ARRR!!!




Little comic ;)


Thank you very much

I have to thanks everyone for the great work of support and dissemination of the project. I am happy to know that after 30 years (from the first official set) we are still standing on this great theme. From here I want to thank the great work to:

All the Reddit users, Facebook fans and friends. Websites  that generate a great impulse

Worldwidebrick (Italy), Promobricks (Germany), El Catalejo (Spain), Vj Gamer(China), (Holland), Brickpals (UK)

and other websites, and all the instagramers that have dedicated their time to share and support. Thanks again! Now let´s go to the next milestone  Pirates !!ARRR!!



A small part of all the stories that you can create.


Thanks so much....

I want to thank the great effort of all the supporters for this great start. From here I want to make a correction, it really is a set with 8 minifigures if we count the skeleton of the canteen. In this case and under this new update, I have decided to add an imperial soldier that is accompanied by a boat to help his friend to escape from the bay. Then now we have 9 minifigures to expand our stories. I hope you like this addition. ;)


More Pics!!

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