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Layers of Subnautica

Explore the layers of the planet 4546B in this Subnautica Lego build. Explore the surface, lost river, and the lava zone, but watch out for the leviathins. This set includes The Aurora, a seamoth, a reaper leviathin, a ghost leviathin, and a sea dragon leviathon. Also three alien bases can be found like the Quarantine Enforcement Platform on the surface, or the Disease Research Facility in the Lost River, and in the Lava Lakes the Primary Containment Facility. On the right shows the depth of each layer.
After finishing my play-though of the game I wanted to create something that captures most of the game and I think this set does just that. If this set ever does become real this would not be my final design there is plenty that I would like to add and change.
I believe that fans of the game would enjoy this build because of how cool it would look like a display piece and also the intricate build techniques used.

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