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Gas Station with Workshop


Hello LEGO friends

Now it goes on,
the district "Hot Rod Town" of LEGO City is supposed to grow even more!!! :-)
Namely, by a gas station with workshop!!

It was great fun to design the gas station with workshop
and yet a far greater fun and challenging
to build these for the Lego City and Speed Champions.

Above all, it was a big challenge
to design the vehicle parts on the small scrap pile so
that you can build another cool Hot Rod / Rat Rod from them.

The car lift was also a big challenge
I tinkered on it for a long time and always had to rebuild the workshop.

But now I have managed to make the gas station with workshop so good playable
and to integrate such a great function, like the height-adjustable car lift.

to this gas station with workshop heard
- a towing truck,
- the owner of the gas station with workshop,
- Semi-finished Diesel Truck Hot Rod,
- the woman who wants to buy the Diesel Truck Hot Rod,
- and the little grist heap.

I also tried to make this building into a slightly older architectural style
What I find architecturally beautiful.

In this project, my effort was to make the building as well as the Hot Rod as realistic as possible.

Also with this project I pursue the vision to enrich the Lego world.
So that the little and big kids can play with it or just collect it.

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Keep on building!
Brick on! ;-)

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