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Horizon Express Duplex


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Horizon Express Duplex

My proposed set pays homage to a classic lego set and a recent one, while reintroducing the double decker concept. It is loosely based on the only existing high speed double decker train, and mimics its colors generally without the use of printed bricks or stickers. 

Double Decker Platform

The most recent Lego trains have been very enjoyable models and builds in their own way, however over the years we haven't seen a double decker train since the Club Car for the Metroliner set. 

We have seen the double decker base plate in recent sets as flatbed trailer and in freight cars for different freight train sets, so reviving the double decker passenger seems well within Lego's production capacity.

Design Features

The front of my train demonstrates a new usage of the recently introduced high speed train front. It's raised a brick, and there is now a splitter underneath. I used the high clear headlight windows to facilitate two sets of light brackets: white and red, so the unit can function as lead and trailing car. 

The cockpit has a nice bank of displays around the offset engineer's seat. There is access to the cab through a door on either side of the power car. Behind the cab, the interior is used to facilitate the battery and infrared units. The exterior features details based on the train that served as an inspiration for this model.

The Passenger Cars

There are two unique passenger cars, that feature double deck seating, business and economy class, beds, glass separations, café facilities, suitcase storage and brick built opening doors.

The cars are connected on a single bogey similarly to the original Horizon Express train and the inspiring real world high speed train.


The colors I proposed are based on the real life high speed train, which is metallic silver with blue, white and grey accents. However, I have designed alternate color schemes to resemble the most recent Lego High Speed Train or the original Horizon Express. 

The colors can be adapted and fine tuned, but the lines are straight and flow between cars to represent speed, despite the windows on different levels.


I believe there are many Lego Trains fans young and old that would love to see a double decker train. This iconic design feature opens new interior options and ads something new to the product line-up. 

Thanks in advance for your support, Lego fans!

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