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The Blue Tornado


Hi All,

My second LEGO Ideas project, another train! 

"In 1990 a group of people came together to share an extraordinary ambition – to construct a brand new Peppercorn A1 Pacific.  They formed The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust and after nineteen years of incredible effort that locomotive, No. 60163 Tornado, moved under its own power for the first time in 2008." -

I've always wanted another steam engine to partner the Emerald Night, and I thought the No. 60163 Tornado in British Railways blue colour was amazing, and the inspiration for my build. I've built using the ideas of the train, making changes where needed and for play, only using parts in use today. This has been play tested over many hundreds of hours with tweaks and modifications to make it run smoothly. There are some new and innovative ideas that hopefully produce a fun overall build.

Short video

Main features listed below:

  • Power functions are included in the tender allowing for a full interior for the driver
  • Weight of the battery box over the driving wheels gives better traction and control of speed
  • Easy of access to battery box
  • Dual grey axles allow for stable piston rods action
  • The carriage is 7 bricks wide which allows for two rows of seating for minifigs
  • The large wheels are inset into the engine body to make them appear bigger than they are
  • Different sides of the engine, mirroring No. 60163 Tornado, with different builds
  • Design allows train to go up and down inclines
  • 1,189 bricks in total
    • All but two parts are available in the right colours today. The two other parts are currently produced, just in different colours
    • The white rings are stickers, but could be replicated with printed curved parts
    • I'd replace the carriage windows with the same rounded windows found on the Emerald Night if they were available
    • Scenery included just for fun, not included in total brick count.

I've added some 'stickers' to the main image using the computer. "60163" on the engine front and on both sides of the cab - this would become the LEGO set number, and the word "Tornado" over the turquoise plates. 

Longer video

Many thanks for your interest and support on this project! If it made it through to production, I'd love to be able to make a donation to the A1 Steam project.


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