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Hi all, this is my first project here in LegoIDEAS, I hope you'll like and support it.

Lego had always a strong connection with Architecture, first you think what do you want to create and then you start to build it !                                                                                                              

Since I was a kid I always played with Lego, so when I grew up, I decided to became an architect.                                                                                                                   

This set represents the two steps in my job: first you design, draw and build the model of your idea, then, if you are very lucky, you build it.                                                                                                      

So, the set is divided in "The Architecture Studio" and "The Building Site":                                                                                                                                                                                                                    "The Architecture Studio"                                

This is the place where architects design their projects, we can see a guy drawing with the Architecture Table and a woman building a Model of the project.

"The Building Site"

This represents the second part of my job, an architect must always check the status of the work in the building site, taking misurements and coordinating the workers.

In few words I tried to "build" my job with Lego.



I'm sorry if I made some mistakes, but English is not my language.

Thank's for your attention. 


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