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Deluxe Classic Steam Freight Set


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Here I present to you (once again), 2 titanic entities in the world of toys coming together: LEGO and the Classic British Train Set! On this occasion I have meticulously revised my initial LEGO Ideas submission, a Freight Train Set, and completely overhauled it to accommodate a much more comprehensive and interactive play style for young and old LEGO Fans and Railway Enthusiasts alike!
The most significant change is in the locomotive itself, I revised my previous attempt at a self-contained 0-6-0 tank engine based on more thorough research of how modern LEGO Trains operate, using batteries, wires and an RF Receiver so it can be operated by remote control, which is absolutely ideal for shunting. With careful engineering, I was able to house all of these components snugly into the body of a faithful recreation of one of British Rail's most iconic tank engine designs.
In addition, there are a total of 7 goods wagons to play with, some with with improved designs, others with optional loads and play features designed specifically for the included goods yard! Which itself is comprised of a goods depot, platform, level-crossing, engine shed, lorry vehicle, office and a massive crank-operated crane as a centre piece! Making this, without a doubt, my most ambitious attempt at re-imagining one of the most beloved British toys to date.
Below is a run-down of each individual component that is contained in this colossal set!
The Locomotive (Hunslet Austerity 0-6-0 Saddle Tank)
·        Loco drive (4 driving wheels, 2 dummies, connected by side rods)
·        Capable of running on LEGO's standard curve gradient
·        Cab tilts back for access to power switch and placing mini-figures
·        2 dedicated spots for Driver and Stoker mini-figures
·        Hollow Tank for housing battery box, wires and RF receiver
·        Tank component held on by 3mm clips and supported in 3 places up top
·        High level of external detail
·        Optional name plates
The Log Wagon (GWR Bogie Bolster Flat Truck)
·        8 poles and 4 chains for load stability
·        Short wheelbase bogies, capable of running on LEGO's standard curve gradient
·        Brake assembly detail
·        32x8 stud bed size
·        Includes 3 logs
The Barrel Wagon (BR 4 Plank Wagon)
·        Brake assembly detail
·        Opening doors for loading and unloading
·        12x8 stud bed size
·        Includes 3 "pallets" of 6 barrels each
·        Barrel loads also compatible with Lorry vehicle
The Low Flatbed (BR "Lowmac")
·        Underside clear of fowling on rails
·        Additional brake detail
·        Includes shipping container and chains to secure it
·        Also designed to carry included Lorry vehicle
The Coal Truck (BR 7 Plank Wagon)
·        Brake assembly detail
·        Opening doors for loading and unloading
·        12X8 stud bed size
The Ventilated Box Wagon (SR 10 ton Covered Goods Van)
·        Brake assembly detail
·        Revised door design for better clearance
·        Doors level with included station
The Milk Tanker (BR Six-Wheeled Tanker)
·        Completely redesigned 6-wheel chassis and tank section
·        Additional detailing along outside of wheelbase
·        Functional stabilising details
The Brake Van (CR Brake Van)
·        Footplate/brake detailing within width of rails
·        Functioning interior doors and external gates (level with goods yard platform)
·        Includes "Guard" Mini-Figure
The Lorry (Vague Vintage Design)
·        Lid on cab for placing mini-figures
·        Roughly in scale with engine and rolling stock
·        Compatible with Lowmac wagon and Barrel loads
The Engine Shed
·        Double hinged doors
·        Houses included tank engine and a set of buffers
·        Small area at the back of shed for additional detailing and opening door
The Goods Yard
·        Platform level with all rolling stock doors and engine cab
·        2 name plates next to ramp and above Office
·        Level-crossing with working gates
·        Ramp for vehicle access
·        Office contains computer, desk and chair for included Station Master mini-figure
·        Siding next to shed for wagon storage
The Crane ("Lil' Mickey")
·        Wheel house allows access to cab section for included Crane Operator mini-figure
·        2 parallel extending booms and 3 pass-through pulleys
·        Winch with crank handle
·        Arm span covers entire yard and outside loop of track
·        Includes 2 strings for length (tied together, presumably?), a hook and a bucket scoop
·        Loosely based on a slightly bigger "Mickey"
Piece Count: 3000

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