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A Tribute to Romanesque and Gothic Eras

Build a tribute to one of the most impressive legacy from the Middle Ages : Romanesque and Gothic architectures!
Be sure there are dozens of sub-categories from Romanesque and Gothic architectures!
On this set, a semicircular arch on the inside combined with a horseshoe arch on the outside represents the Romanesque era. The Gothic vault is much more classic, as the essential keystone connects both thin archs.
Place structures face to face to enlight architectural differences : Romanesque arch's round look supported by massive pillars, versus Gothik vault, higher and much more spacious.
Or simply place it wide open, on the top of your sideboard!

This 482 pieces set (285 Romanesques, 196 Gothics, and 1 to connect) is 32 cm long and 5 cm depth.

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