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Thank you to all who voted, hoped and believed

With one day to go the reality is that the dream is not going to realised - that Lauren's Grand Piano will not reach the number of votes required to jump the next hurdle. It has not been without every attempt being made to make this dream come true. We have left no stone unturned but it was not to be. We want to take this opportunity to thank the many many people who have voted and supported this important big picture project. It means a great deal to us. There are some people that went beyond the call of duty to get behind this project and while I am reluctant to mention them by name for fear of missing some out I am truly indebted for the extra effort you made (I think you know who you are). Thank you to all who believe in the hashtages #focusonmystrengths #asdability #seewhatIcando . While this project was not to be we have met so many amazing inspirational people during the course of this journey. Our only regret was that we did not move to Kawai earlier having invested so much time and energy into Yamaha without our faith in them leading to no fruition...whereas Kawai did believe, Anyway, it is what it is. But sincerely and with all our heart we thank everyone who have supported, spread the word, shared info etc...however you helped it showed you believed as I believe and you hoped as I young people with asd and how much difference can be made when we focus on their strengths. Indeed I believe this is the way for all people, regardless of whether they are on the spectrum or not.

So we bow out with heartfelt thanks and love,

Dianne and Lauren Winbanks


Exciting Breaking News - KAWAI Grand Piano It Is!

We are extremely excited to announce that we have found the Piano maker that aligns with our vision and replicates the passion we have in this important LEGO Ideas Project.

We enthusiastically welcome KAWAI on board in our shared mission of progressing our LEGO Grand Piano to the point of 10,000 support votes and hopefully, the release of this amazing build as an official commercial LEGO set.

And Kawai is up for the challenge of channeling their authentic commitment to supporting Australian artists in the next 32 days. As all fans of LEGO will appreciate, LEGO builders are indeed artists, using the medium of the beloved brick. 

Partnership with KAWAI has brought with it exactly the energy we need to get busy over the next 32 days. Our aim is to qualify for the extension of time and keep the dream alive. 

Let's do this!!



Hello all

With just 42 days to expire we are calling on all within this "village" to avoid this important big picture project from expiring in 42 days.

When we started this process Lauren was 21..she is now 23 and continuing to shine. Just this month she sat her Grade 5 AMEB Piano exam and scored an outstanding A with Honours. She is now working for Toybricks after Inside the Bricks closed its commercial arm. Shw was unemployed for just one hour! This shows just how inspirational this young person is. 

Our vision is and always has been to show just how amazing the LEGO building system has been in developing skills and competencies in Lauren that ENABLE her to develop skills and competencies that help her live a productive, ordinary life as her peers. We truly believe that LEGO is not just a building toy..but a builder of skills, communities, social skills, life skills, communication, imagination, self esteem, confidence..and so much more,

Please do not let this opportunity expire. Even should this project not eventually be chosen, the discussion about positive ways and therapies with children with ASD will be worth it alone. If it does get to 10.000 votes and is chosen we commit to using this opportunity to set up brick clubs everywhere so that Lauren can be the norm, not the exception! That is our motivation and vision.

We need about 3,400 votes and that seems a heck of a lot but we dream the dream and believe that if those Villagers who have voted all share the information and prompt 3 votes each...we can get there and live on to the last step of the long process. It is not too late.

So I am updating with some important new information and some photos and we ask you to SHARE, SHARE, SHARE to your hearts content!

The fate of this incredible build is in all our hands.

Our biggest mistake (we now realise) is that in the early days we did not hand out how to vote steps. We believe that we would be at the 5,000 mark easily if everyone who thinks they have voted actually saw the final steps through to completion.

So the first new information 1 is give your social media communities the steps. 

Steps in voting at
1. Hit Support
2. Hit the Login screen that comes up.
3. Scroll down quite a way and hit the the ‘Don’t have a LEGO account’
4. Fill in the short questions that come up.
5. Go to your email and activate the email they have sent you.
6. Go back to the original support button and this time when you hit support it will let you.
7. go through the short survey.
8. Notice that the number clicks up one.

Second important point is that a new website has been created to generate votes. Check it out at

Third important information is to reinforce the hashtags we have been using






Fourth point, is please like and share our facebook page


See photos below!

WE CAN do this!  But the time to act is NOW!

Thank you everyone for your support and encouragement to date. It means more than you can know. 

Let's fight the good fight to the very end!

WE CAN do this with your help!

Dianne and Lauren Winbanks





Thank you and Photo of Grand Piano with Lid Down

We are on the verge of hitting 200 votes in less than a week. We have got our email from LEGO saying we now have the time extension to reach the next goal support. How very humbling for Lauren and myself! Thank you everyone who has voted. For us, our next personal goal is 250. 

Lauren's success as a young person with autism lies in her taking baby steps for the last 21 years. In keeping with this 250 votes will be our next goal! Thank you so very very sincerely. We have now uploaded some photos of the lid down (since it operates like a real Grand!). It looks beautiful with the lid down as well. 

Much thanks to Gandalf14 for his helpful instructions how to do this! We do so love the LEGO community - always there to help fellow AFOLs!

Again, thank you for your support.

Dianne and Lauren Winbanks


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