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    Granny Weatherwax Vignette


    Presenting (finally), Granny Weatherwax:

    The final vignette might be a bit more conservative, but as displayed this includes:

    • Granny Weatherwax
    • You
    • Broom
    • Sign saying "I ATEN'T DEAD"
    • Bee Skep 
    • Granny's box of momentoes
      • Stack of Letters
      • Lodestone from "the dancers" stone circle
      • Fossil ammonite
      • Phoenix feather in a glass bottle


    Special Thanks to Discworld Monthly!


    Discworld Monthly posted on this project in their newsletter. 

    Thanks guys for the boost of support!

    Granny soon on the way


    Hi everyone.

    I just wanted to give a heads up that the Granny Weatherwax build is designed, I am just working on the prints at this point.  Thanks to everyone for the feedback.

    Where did you hear about the project?


    Hello supporters!

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