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This is a story about a unique transformer bridge.

Our World is connected by paths and roads. And where roads exist, bridges appear.
It is impossible to count the number of these ancient architectural structures scattered throughout the planet. The man managed to give the bridges the image of one of the most beautiful and romantic engineering structures. Bridges adorn cities and may even be their symbol.

One can only be surprised at their diversity and originality ... Beamed, arched, hanging, cable-stayed ... In modern times, it seems, there is no single, universal and most reliable bridge construction. But a certain category of these buildings, namely drawbridges, fascinates me the most.

The model of the drawbridge I created has an amazing form and principle of operation. Rolling_Bridge, located in London, UK is a mechanical footbridge made up of independent segments that can transform. Watching the work of the bridge, you are delighted with the realization of how limitless the engineering idea of the creator is.

The secret of the charm of drawbridges lies in the fact that they truly exist only when they work. Namely, during their movement.
Drawbridges are a combination of science and art, technology and beauty. And that's why the Rolling_Bridge set will not only be a great addition to the game, uniting Lego residents; but it will also become a unique art object - kinematic sculpture.

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