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Greek Mt Olympus - DISNEY Hercules (1997)


Project Recently Showcased by BrickQueen

It includes at the moment a exclusive 360 turnaround view of the main Olympus build. So check it out if you want to see more of the project or thoughts from somebody else viewing it.


Additional Perspectives V2

Another view of the Hydra

Mural on the back

Cerberus the three headed dog, the muses, Mount Olympus, Two of the fates cutting the string.
New possible replacement color scheme for the ice titan with a blue hue after @Brickz boi pointed it out.
Titan invading Mount Olympus
Titan views
Titan and Hydra


Additional Perspectives

The Golden Gates
Bird's Eye View
Air-Here Hercules Sign
Phil's house
Villa Gardens
Side, Trapped Titans, Blacksmith Area, Olympus level
Other side, Hercules Villa rooms, Temple of Zeus, Training arena

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