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Greek Mt Olympus - DISNEY Hercules (1997)


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Recreate most of Disney Hercules 1997 with this jam-packed set!

  • Hercules (son of Zeus, has incredibly might)
  • Phil/Philoctetes (an old satyr, trainer of Hercules within the film)
  • Meg (Sacrificed her freedom for somebody that did not deserve it and is now bound to Hades)
  • Hades (God of the underworld. He is the enemy within the film)
  • Pain and Panic (shape shifting imps in snake forms)
  • Zeus with double-edged lightning bolt (ruler of the Gods and Mt Olympus)
  • Hephaestus (god of fire and blacksmith of the gods)
  • The three nymphs of the forest that reside on Phil's Island
  • The artist who paints Hercules standing triumphant over the Nemean Lion.

  • Brick Built Hydros, the Ice Titan (released by Hades in the film)

  • Hades Chariot (that he can summon at will)

  • Brick Built Hydra (This was Hercules's deadliest battle)

The Temple of Zeus

Hercules's Villa.

Training Area (Above The Temple of Zeus in the build)

Villa Gardens, Phil's House Exterior, Forest

Phil's House Interior (Includes the Golden Fleece and a part of the mast of the Argo, like in the movie. In Greek mythology, Jason and the Argonauts sailed on the Argo to retrieve the Golden Fleece).

The Underworld ruled by Hades and The Well of Souls

The curved panels include from left to right: the singing Muses, Mt Olympus, Cerberus the three-headed dog guardian of the underworld and two of the Fates ready to cut the Thread of Life.

Mt Olympus Blacksmith Area

Mt Olympus Cloud Structures, Hercules Cradle building and bed of Zeus.

Hades flying steed and trapped Titans (below Blacksmith zone)
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