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Falcon Castle(black Falcon)


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Black Falcon Castle
Building a castle that I dreamed of as a child, a home for my favorite Falcon soldiers. Based on the previously made Falcon Castle, I tried to make it a little bigger.
The castle is divided into two main parts. It is composed of main gate and castle(fortress).
The wall next to the main gate can be folded and unfolded. It can be unfolded long, folded into a bunker shape, or folded in half to make a small fortress wall.

The main gate is designed to be self-defending. It has three floors, and it is accessed by a ladder through one entrance. It was small, but the defense made it suitable.

The main castle consists of three main towers and three auxiliary towers. On the first floor of the castle, you can cook and eat, space and various weapons are provided, and there is a well on one side. There is a rest area on the first floor of the main tower. On the second floor, the entire castle is connected, so it is easy to move and defend. There is a small emergency passage behind the castle, making it easy to escape and surprise attacks.

On both sides of the main castle, small forests were created. There are bunkers between the forests to protect the castle.

The main body, main gate, forest, and tower are designed in a modular way that can be separated as a whole, so you can play. It seems to be advantageous for expansion since there is relatively room for it.

Full Details
 Block: 2960
 Main gate: 3rd floor, 2nd floor of the wall
 Tower: 5th floor of the main tower, 4th floor of the rear tower, 2 watch towers 3rd floor
 Size: about 50cmX50cmX40cm

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