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Giant Man: Captain America: Civil War


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This is my ultimate 'brick fig' for giant man from captain America: civil war, unlike the Lego set I modelled this on the 'real' not minifigure version of Antman, it is also based on the more recent version of Antman, from civil war, not the one from 2014, and I've done my best to get the shaping with just bricks so it looks pretty good without any additional prints.

This project, I believe, does true justice, scale-wise, to the awesomeness of Captain America: Civil War, especially the scene where we see Giant-man, no spoilers really as the Lego set came out prior to the films release with Giant-man in it as well. Also it would come with a movie accurate Spiderman, Ironman, Antman mini and nano figures, with the Antmen being accommodated on the stand, this I believe is a good selection as it has the main opposition and a much anticipated Spiderman, also it would have the full set of 'Antmen'.

The set would also come with some built up extra accessories, size-up and size-down discs, made from steering wheels, and a shrank down tanker-truck, to scale with the brick-fig.

The figure itself has the a lot of articulation, all but the wrists are on ball joints, which allow for some really cool poses!

If you want to see the become reality then support and spread the word, lets get to 10,000!

Thank for your support!

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