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Digital Desk Clock


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This digital clock is a truly functional useful timepiece for your home or office.

The clock may be configured to display either 12- or 24-hour format

The Large Hub 5x5 LED matrix may display either or both of the following:
  • Lunar Phase overlay displayed as an image of the visible moon
  • Seconds overlay displayed as a bright LED on a ring of 12 dimmer LEDs

The Large Hub may be folded to the rear, disabling the lunar phase and seconds display to create a lower profile clock.

The Powered UP Large Hub may be connected to a USB charger for continuous use without changing batteries.

This digital clock uses the Powered UP Large Hub to control four motors driving tracks with digit display elements to display the current time.
The digits are arranged on the tracks in a special order so that the upper and lower elements of the digits are shared adjacently.
Each minute, the motors rotate the tracks to the appropriate position to display the current time.
The Powered UP Large Hub also contains a 5x5 LED matrix display which is used to show seconds and lunar phase.
The decorative bezel for the Large Hub rests securely over the hub and is easily lifted to access the hub buttons.

Here is my YouTube Video of this clock:

Thank you for considering this idea.

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