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Shrek’s Swamp



Lord Farquaad has just found out via the magic mirror we recently hit 8,000 supporters on Lego Ideas, poor Gingy! Thanks everyone!



Should they do it? Should they sign Rumple’s contract to hit 10K?? Thanks to everyone that’s supported my project so far! Really haven’t got far to go now, 10K here we come!!!



Thank you everyone for supporting so far, and a happy new year to you all!


5000 Supporters!

Thanks everyone that’s supported so far! Incredible to hit that halfway milestone, it feels amazing!!! To celebrate we’re hosting (Lego) far far away idol, enjoy !!


4000 Supporters!

Thank you to everyone that has supported “Shrek's Swamp” so far! I have really appreciated kind words and love that people have shown towards my submission, not far to go now!! FYI, do not ask him to ‘do the roar’


3000 Supporters!

Thank you to everyone who has supported so far! Please share with your friends, only 7000 to go until we might have an official Shrek lego set! To celebrate I have created this image inspired by the new Dreamworks intro which features shrek!! onwards to 10K! 💚


2000 Supporters!

I just hit 2000 supporters!! Thank you to everyone, i appreciate all of you and it’s been incredible getting more involved in the Lego community so far, i’ve become friends with some amazing people! Onwards to 10K!!!


1000 Supporters!

Thank you all for supporting so far, 1K achieved and onwards to the 5K milestone!! Really appreciate all the feedback and responses i’ve gotten to my build, hopefully one day we can have an official Shrek Lego set!
And remember, Duloc is, Duloc is, Duloc is a perfect place!


500 Supporters!

Thank you all for supporting this! It makes me so happy to have already hit 500 supporters! I really hope this makes it to 10K and onto the shelves ☺️😃


100 Supporters!

Wahoo! 100 supporters, we’ve hit the first milestone! That’s ogretastic! Shrek and Fiona are celebrating by having a cosy night in together with Farkle, Fergus and Felicia. Thank you all, and let’s get to the 1000 milestone! 💚

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