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The Corner Cafe


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This set was created using Lego Digital Designer.

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I was thinking about all of the Creator Expert Modular buildings and I realized Lego hasn't made a Cafe for this line, so I thought I would design one! I inspiration for this design is Luke's diner from Gilmore Girls. I wanted to have similar architecture from the Bookshop building so this set would look good right next to it! This set has three stories which are easily removable to add minifigures for display just like the other buildlngs in this line. This set can be hooked together to the other ones too! This set has exactly 2607 pieces. Please support this and give me a follow. Stay tuned for more ideas and sets like this one!

This set includes 5 minifigures.

Minifigures included:

Luke (the owner)




Town Troubadour

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