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BMW M3 (E30)


Thank's for over 3000 votes --- Times running out :-(

Hey there, now there are only 5 days left. I am a bit sad to see my first and my most successful project (until now) expiring. 

But it was a very interesting time and I am very happy about the fact, that over 3000 of you gave me their support! I think this is a fantastic result and all your feedback in the comments makes me proud! 

Thanks a lot!
Maybe you like my other creations and like to support them ;-)


Not a real update, just a big "THANK YOU"

Hey there, 

I'm sorry, but I can't give you a new update to celebrate the "2000". It just came too fast, but this is not a problem for me :-)

It's unbelivable, this have been 1000 votes within 10 days now! 

Absolutely awesome! 



Just another little update

Hey there, here is a little update with the old side-view and the new one!

Many thanks to all of you! 

Best regards Jo ;-)


First update => "celebrating sudden success"

Hi there, 

at first, let me tell you, how happy I am about the sudden succes of my project. It is just unbelivable!

Many thanks go to all of you supporting, sharing or even writing articles about my creation (see below)

so, here comes the first update, even though the BMW is still under construction...

After some of you told me, that the proportions of the car are not perfect, I started to redesign the complete sideview

Now the car is a bit longer longer and a little bit lower.

I also changed the complete mid-section including the door. And I have added black shadow line (which does not work on the C-pillar)

Further updates will follow soon! 

Special thanks go to: 

TheLegoCarBlog =>

Motorlegend =>

Pistonheads =>

TopGear => =>

motor1 =>

... and many more!

This is sooo awesome! 

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