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Ancient Egyptian Statuettes


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Egyptian Deities Statuettes




Ancient Egyptian culture has fascinated me since the first Johnny Thunder (For those that don’t know, it’s an old LEGO series) sets came out. Their mythology is deep and complex, their art and designs are unique and instantly recognizable. Even with all that we know about ancient Egyptian culture, there is still a lot we don’t know.  


After seeing some Egyptian statuettes of deities on display at a museum, I felt inspired to make my own out of Legos. While there are many to choose from, I decided on Osiris and Anubis, as I felt their names and appearances were easily recognizable. I tried to capture iconic details for both statuettes, details like Anubis’ scepter and ankh, or Osiris’ atef (His crown), crook and flail. I also tried to include other small details on the stands, like the Shabti figurines on Anubis’ stand. 


Model Info:

  • Anubis stands 14.4 inches (36.8 cm) tall including the base, and uses 823 pieces. The
  • Osiris stands 15.6 inches (39.6 cm) tall, including the base, and uses 653 pieces.
  • Altogether, they use 1476 pieces.

With this model I wanted to capture the effect and feel of an Egyptian statue, while still making them detailed and visually interesting to look at. This would be a great addition to any collectors display, whether you're a LEGO fan or an Egyptian mythology enthusiast!

I hope you like both statuettes, and if you do, please support, follow and share!

Please note that on the Anubis model, I used bright yellow and flame yellowish orange instead of gold on the back of his headdress, collar and tunic, due to the limited gold piece selection in LDD. The final model would use gold exclusively instead of yellow. Also, I am not an Egyptologist, I’m just an Ancient Egyptian enthusiast!

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