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Gothic Major Case Unit - Modular


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Help the Major Case Squad investigate the crime scene, find the criminals, and put together a case! The gothic design for the Gothic Major Case Unit allows it to fit at home with the other modular sets, or with your DC Comic Lego collection.

Gothic Major Case Unit:

If you are like me, you already have a Lego Police HQ, or two, or three. While there isn't a modular set focusing on the police (though there are several in Lego Ideas and I encourage you to support the ones you like), I chose to focus on a Major Case Squad headquarters. MCU focus on bigger crimes in the city, and this team is no different. They are equipped with the technology and equipment to investigate a major crime, from art theft to bank robberies.

Being a DC comic fan, I also wanted a set that would fit in with a Gotham theme. Aside of the gothic motif, there is room on the roof for a spot light, and the window to the commissioner's office allows access from the outside (good for hiding in a dark corner). If themed with the Batman sets, I would switch one criminal with Mad Hatter or Falcone, use the detectives for Harvey Bullock, Renee Montoya, and Crispus Allen. If Batman is needed, then the other criminal would be replaced with him. Otherwise, I would include a Sal Maroni.


Full image of the building (Preview Image) - You can view the scale of the building as the unit reports in for a new day.

  1. Crime scene investigation - Shady individuals view the police as they set up their crime scene.
  2. Full scale with Modular Sets - The nervous criminal is being brought in for questioning as a crowd gathers.
  3. Bird's Eye First Floor - Criminal is being escorted in. You can see the forensic office on the top left, a large set of cabinets on the way to the stairs, the front desk, and a large garage to hold the car.
  4. Bird's Eye Second Floor - Criminal is being taken to interrogation room. Two detectives are sitting at the conference table, with the commissioner viewing the interrogation from behind a window. In the bottom right is the temporary holding cell.
  5. Bird's Eye Third Floor - Time to report in with the commissioner. Sink and coffee area are at the top of the stairs, entering into the desk area for the detectives. On the desks are magnify glass, computer, and a file rack. There is a filing cabinet outside the closet (which has roof access). The commissioner's office overlooks the team.
  6. Detail of front desk - Forensic scientist has arrived.
  7. Detail of Forensic Office - Evidence is delivered to forensics so that information can be gathered. Wonder what is in the case?
  8. Roof detail - Someone is breaking in! Two gargoyles sit atop the roof, with 2 access areas for playability.
  9. Back of set - The criminals have recovered the case and are escaping out the window! Lucky the rope is long enough.
  10. Detail of Commissioner's office - Bad news is delivered quick. Commissioner is a little sloppy as papers and books stack up on the shelf, but you can see his medal for bravery.
  11. Detail of Conference Room - This team needs to get organized. The table has a conference phone in the middle, to coordinate with the police.
  12. Figures - This image is to show a detail of the figures that are proposed for the set. The amount could be reduced to 6 if a detective and criminal is removed (5 if both criminals are taken out).
  13. Accessories - Here are some of the accessories for the set.

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Feel free to comment you thoughts on these subjects, and I will take your opinion into account.

  1. I included a car with a trunk for carrying equipment, but I also considered a wagon for transporting criminals.
  2. Aside of a third detective, I was considering a SWAT member (for when things are really tough). And maybe a Van for them.
  3. I used deep blue windows to give a darker feel to the gothic exterior. Would you prefer clear?
  4. In front of the conference table is a display board. My thoughts were to include a crime family organization picture/sticker on it. What would you like there?
  5. If this were a Batman modular, who would you like to see?

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