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Lego History Museum


Tour the Lego History Museum! This two-story museum contains 2157 bricks and fits snugly on a 32x32 baseplate. A great addition to any modular collection. On the first floor, check in at the information desk, marvel at the larger than life model of a giant Tyranosaurus Rex, then head into the Gift Shop for some collectibles, hats and other trinkets. Climb the stairs to reach the various exhibits on the second floor including a glimpse into the world of ancient Egypt, a collection of medievel weaponry and armor. In addition, view out the hand-crafted pottery in the center display case, a small group on precious stones and minerals as well as authentic Samuari armor on loan for only a short time. Each exhibit includes an information plate for additional details on the pieces in the collection. 

On the exterioir, grand columns and scupltures adorn the double-door glass entrance atop a wide inviting staircase. Generous windows surround the museum along with a roof top skylight, letting plenty of natural sunshine in. 

Check out the Lego History Museum today! 

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