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Daitarn 3 - Mach Patrol


New views and details

Please, look the "Update 1- Video description" to see the video of the full transformation.


Aircraft view (underneath). You can see the front gear and the yellow lights for instrumental approach. 


Total aircraft underneath view. Look at the shark mouth under the nose.



Side missiles can slide through levers inside the cockpit.



The cockpit and the double stick.



The nose opening system and the front wings fully extended.




The rotation mechanism of the jet engine and the rear wing,



The air intake, the left main wing (retracted) and the detail of the left flank lock system.


Video description

Transformation of the model from Mach Patrol (car) to Mach Attacker (plane). The video includes some new image.



Trasformation of mach Patrol and insertion in the Daitarn 3 main robot. Original anime.



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