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Daitarn 3 - Mach Patrol


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Daitarn 3 - Mach Patrol

Mach Patrol is the transformable vehicle based on the Japanese Anime  Daitarn 3 (Muteki Kojin Daiturn 3 無敵鋼人ダイターン3)  created by Yoshiyuki Tomino and produced by Sunrise in 1979.

This car has the capability to transform into aircraft (Mach Attacker).  This plane inserts itself in the main Daitarn 3 Robot to control it.


The set

Everyone loves anime. Everyone dreams a specific toy. Everyone has a preferred toy. This set is the perfect answer to satisfy these aptitudes.

The Mach Patrol Car can transform via seventeen moveable parts (three single, seven couples) into Mach Attacker Aircraft. Every movement has a locked end point.


Technical specifications:

Number of bricks: 1192

Number of items: 292

Weight: 1106 g  (2,44 lbs)


Mach Patrol (car) dimensions:

Length:  31,5 cm (12’’ 13/32)

Width: 15,2 cm (5’’ 63/64)

Height: 9,5 cm (3’’ 47/64)


Mach Attacker (aircraft) dimensions:

Length: 41,5 cm (16’’ 11/32)

Wingspan: 40, 5 cm (15’’ 15/16)

Height: 11 cm (4’’ 21/64)



“Mach change!”

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