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Wellcome to LEGO PArcheesi!!

Popular board game comes to LEGO through a modular set where you can combine players and colors.

It has been designed as 2 players to 4 players set, which includes Police Station, Fireman Station, Bank and Jail. It is possible to connect each theme to the board game separately. You can play also just with the buildings (without the game board) and connecting between them. The set includes 4 figures for each player

During the Parcheesi game you can create your own special rules (For example, the thieves can start the game also using the door) feel free to create different ways to play!

I have included many detailed pictures, for each player and theme, for the game board it is included a picture showing the bricks edges just to show the game squares. I hope you like this project, if so, please support it

Thank you so much!

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