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Star Trek USS Enterprise NCC-1701

The iconic original Starship Enterprise, under the command of Captain James T. Kirk, is possibly the most widely known ship in the whole sci-fi universe.

As a first venture in the Star Trek license universe, I propose a small model (circa 220 parts) of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701. This model would probably have a RRP of about GBP25/U$35.

This is a difficult model to recreate in such a small scale, but I'm sure the Lego designers would find ways to improve on my prototype of the USS Enterprise and make it really stunning! Many of you would probably rather vote for a 3000+ parts detailed UCS starship, but the likelihood of a UCS project being commercialized by Lego is slim considering that not many would be ready to pay a realistic price for such a model.

The LDD model shown here has a few minor issues (for instance the angle of the nacelles is not quite right) that cannot be fixed using the current version of the software. I will build a physical model as soon as possible to demonstrate what the Enterprise should look like in plastic. Also, this will allow me to add a few essential decals that should improve the final product!

Comments and suggestions most welcome!

Decals (registry and name of the ship, stripes) will be added to the physical model.

This version is built using only currently available parts and colours. This will be the blueprint for the physical model.

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