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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 99th Precinct


Welcome to the 99th Precinct 

My name is Brickmax, and I am the creator of this LEGO Ideas idea.


This is the 99th Precinct from the famous series "Brooklyn Nine Nine". With this set idea I tried to recreate the famous scenes  from the series as detailed as possible. To achieve this, I not only added a lot of small details and Easter eggs to my set idea, but also created my own prints and minifigures. 

I included seven iconic characters in my set idea:


- Rosa Diaz - Terry Jeffords - Amy Sandiago - Jacob Peralta - Captain Raymond Holt - Gina Linetti - Charles Boyle -

The 99th Precinct consists of the spacious Bull Pen and its kitchen, Raymond Holt's office, the printer room and the conference room. All the rooms have been built almost to minifigure scale and as close as possible to the series. 

Included in the set are :

- The 99th Precinct

- 7 minifigures 

- 2736 parts  

If you like this idea, I would be very grateful about your support, so that we can enjoy Brooklyn Nine Nine not only on our TV or smartphone. 

Let's do this, Nine Nine!  

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