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Minecraft Ax


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This is a Lego Minecraft ax I have created. This would be a great addition to any Minecraft set Lego has already made. Please support and follow this so it can get to 10000 supports. I am thinking about making more Minecraft projects so hopefully I will post a few more. Here are some other Minecraft projects worth supporting:

  • Redstone Ore (jmjt4)
  • Diamond Ore: A Minecraft Ore Pack (jmjt4)
  • Minecraft-Cave Explorer Game (Orcaman4)
  • Minecraft World + UPDATES (Vonsigan)
  • Minecraft Chicken (Legitimateal)
  • Lego Minecraft Minikit:Enderman (bombjosh)
  • Lego Minecraft:Steve (stephane10)
  • Minecraft microCraft (Just Jack)

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