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What's Up Studs? MandRproductions


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Why I built this:
I love watching MandRproductions because I like how he is an opinion-maker, lego reviewer, vlogger, and a big advocate/collector of certain themes!

This set features his completely furnished room including "ladder shelf," "oversized" queen bed, drawers for minifigs and accessories, and his gaming chair. Oh yeah, it's inside a BIG 1x1 stud that isn't completely rounded because there's a surprise behind it; his room! 

MandR's Room:
-Vlog camera, furniture, chair, and door decals, etc.
-Review table
-Random objects on shelves (not related to any themes)
-Built on 16x16 plate
-Easily slides out from Stud Build

The Stud Build:
-Diameter is 34 studs wide at rim
-Features a hidden compartment to drop in your Brickbuster!*
-Prison door inside to release Brickbuster**
-Giant storage bay for MandR's room
-Splits into 3 parts for easy assembly: top, rim, and bottom

Minifigs: Brickbuster, Ryan (Brickbuster Uniform), Ryan, Corey

I hope you like this interesting build of this up-scaled stud and Ryan's room a.k.a MandRproductions headquarters!

Pieces: 962

*A person who doesn't use LEGO for good
**Hopefully after Ryan gets done teaching the Brickbuster how to use LEGO to do good, he will be released!

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