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Rangers Apprentice

This is joethehmfce parents and this is is his idea.
Based on a popular series by John Flanagan. The figures shown are from top right (not including the horses) Selethen, Alysse (early courier), Alysse (with saber), Hoarce, Cassandra (or Evanlyn, with saber, A sling version would also be possible), Erak. For the front row look below.

Gillian (with Bow), Will (with bow), Will (with throwing knife), Halt (with bow), Halt (with throwing knife), Gillian (with Sword).

Rangers without bows have capes while those with bows have quivers.

The image above is Castle Redmont. I realize that it is not a redish color like in the books but I couldn't find a good color in LDD and couldn't make it look right in Gimp. Sets would include, Wolfwill, Castle Redmont, Castle Araluen, The Black Knights Castle, Halts Cabin, Eraks House/Cabin, Selethens palace, Castle Macindaw, Ruins of Gorlon. If you have more suggestions for sets or want to build a model for it just post some information about what you want to build in the comments.
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The 1st basic version of the Wolfwill.

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