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In my youth "DuckTales" was the the best cartoon on TV (still think it is one of the best). As a tribute to this series I created my interpretation of the hero of Duckburg: Gizmoduck!

My goal is to capture the likeness of the original as close as possible but in my favorite medium LEGO. To be able to articulate the different parts is something I took extra care to get right. The custom graphic needed is added in post production at the moment, I feel it is necessary to get the look I'm looking for. As an extra feature I added the helicopter blades as it is a iconic "gizmo" in his arsenal. All in all the model contains 196 bricks. All artwork is created by me (logo/city background) to give the feel of old skool 80s-90s cartoons

Feel free to comment and give feedback, I happily answer any questions.

Thank you for your time.


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