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Emmet's Apartment Building from The LEGO Movie modular


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So, to keep this project in line with my previous project (Emmet's apartment interior I present Emmet's complete apartment building.

This started out as an experiment to improve the playability of the apartment set, but I couldn't help myself to complete it. I took a careful look at multiple screenshots of the movie again, and the rest of the building is based on the building from The LEGO Movie Videogame. The videogame's version is really very accurate to the one from the movie, so I think they resemble each other very closely.

The building is currently at ~2700 parts, but has no interior yet. I want to do the interior, and also do a smaller version of Emmet's apartment so I can fit it in here. Included of course is Emmet's car. My second project was originally the garback truck which is featured in the zoom away from the building, but when I nearly had it complete, I found out it was already available as a set... (I knew the chomper version was available, I just didn't realize until I googled for it that it can be converted) Aw well, was good practice and I might include it in feature renders. Sorry I don't have more closeups yet, but that last picture took 5 hours to render and I just really wanted to share it (had 10 renders planned)

No custom decals on the signs :( I tried my regular method, but it seems that piece has no texture coordinates or something.

This set looks like the available town hall set a lot. So my guess is that the designers of The LEGO Movie used techniques from these buildings to create a massive town.

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