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Emmet's Apartment Building from The LEGO Movie modular


Gail just found out it's not lining up correctly

Gail just found out the pavement doesn't line up with the other modular buildings.


But it's easily fixed though


Emmet's Apartment Building Modular Compatible

And here it finally is, the apartment building in real bricks.

I have altered the design of the building so that it will fit in with LEGO's existing line of Modular Buildings!

Emmet and his upper neighbour are both standing on the balcony.

The front of the building with the typical staircase

Detail shot of Emmet's apartment and the upper neighbour's apartment.

The upper neighbour is a minifig included in the Ice Cream Truck set from The LEGO Movie

The roof is very similar to the one of the Town Hall Modular set.

All floors are easily removable (like with the Modulars) and have the option to completely furnish them.

I created this nice little staircase in the ground floor for easy access to the crawl space.

When lined up with some real modulars, you can see how massive this thing is!

It's currently at 2800 parts, with no interior, and stands nearly twice as tall as the other Modulars.

The back of the building (as seen in the videogame loading screen)

Emmet's neighbour; Ms Scratchenpost, with two of her cats.

Side of the building with the fire escape.

And the other side

Finally, a preview of what is in store for the interior:

I scaled down the apartment, but it still needs some work, almost fits in there already though!

So, this build took around 10 hours to make, I did everything floor by floor to speed up the building (not to mention the generation of the LDD instructions) I must say that LDD did a pretty good job at generating instructions. They sometimes are awkward but they work.

For everybody interested in building this:

Here's the updated LDD file


Another Ideas user creating a real build!

And what I had hoped for has happened!

LEGO Ideas user HumbertoKam ( has already been working on Emmet's Apartment Building and I notified him on my Emmet's Apartment page that he can get the LDD file for reference!

Photograph of apartment building in progress.

Exactly what I hoped for, and one of the reasons why I released the LDD file!

Great build so far HumbertoKam!


LDD file release

Okay, so we're not at 1000 yet, but still I am going to put this out since it will take a long while to reach 1000 and I'm not sure how much effort I will put into this after the apartment is done.

So, here it is, the LDD file!

Basically I am releasing this with a LibPNG/ZLib license.

This means that you can basically do whatever you want with this LDD file, if you use it in a project you don't have to credit me, it would be nice though :) and of course if you do something with this I would like to see it (which is ofcourse also not mandatory :) )

What you may not do is misrepresent this as being your own creation, I put a lot of time and effort in this to get it extremely accurate to the movie/game version.

Other than that, you're good to go! :D


LDD file release at 1000 supporters

Well, the title says it all. When this project reaches one thousand supporters, I will release the LDD file so people can play around with it.

Currently working on resizing Emmet's apartment to fit in here. (I'm glad I already created that apartment)


Some more renders

I found out the max image size on LEGO ideas is 660x528, so I'm currently rendering at that resolution (which is a lot faster)

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